• The terms of sale (which are accepted when creating an account) apply to the sale of goods on FurAndFluff.no, FurAndFluff.co, KattLove.no to consumers.
  • The seller is: FurAndFluff. (Org:930 647 152)
  • The buyer is: The person specified as the buyer in the order, referred to as "you" and similar terms such as "your" and "yours" are used.
  • Furanfluff.no: The online store/platform associated with the domain www.Furandfluff.no
  • Customer service: can be contacted at Kundeservice@Furandfluff.no or Customerservice@furandfluff.no

Right of withdrawal

  • Does the right of withdrawal and open purchase apply when I have opened the product?
  • A 14-day right of withdrawal applies when purchasing online.
  • The right of withdrawal law gives you the right to cancel your purchase. The right of withdrawal applies to goods and certain services (see exceptions in the last section). The right of withdrawal requires that you notify the seller of the delivery of your withdrawal no later than 14 days after receiving the delivery (withdrawal period). The goods must be sent to us no later than 14 days from the day the notice of use of the right of withdrawal was given.
  • Contact us and inform us that you wish to use the right of withdrawal. We can be contacted at Kundeservice@Furandfluff.no
  • For the right of withdrawal to be valid, the product must be returned to the seller of the product in approximately the same quantity and condition as you received it. If you use or examine the goods in a manner that goes beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics, and function of the goods and this results in a reduction in value, the seller may deduct an amount equivalent to the reduction in value from the purchase price to be refunded.
  • All products must be returned to the seller within a reasonable time when using the right of withdrawal.
  • The buyer bears the risk of transport of the goods back to the seller.
  • Refunds must be made within 14 days after the seller has received the withdrawal notice, but no earlier than 2 days after the seller has received the return from you or documentation from you that you have sent the return back to the seller.
  • The product is returned to the seller in the original packaging. The return should be made to the seller in accordance with the applicable terms.
  • The refund of the purchase price is made using the same payment method you used when ordering, unless otherwise agreed or if there are obstacles to refunding the used payment method.

Complaints and Warranty

  • If a defect or deficiency is discovered, you must give the seller notice within a reasonable time after discovering or should have discovered the deficiency (complaint).
  • Notifications of defects and deficiencies in the products can be transmitted to the seller orally or in writing. For evidentiary reasons, we recommend that the complaint be sent to the seller in writing, primarily by contacting the seller at Kundeservice@Furandfluff.no, and providing the order number, name, and contact information.
  • You will receive a confirmation (return number) of receipt of the complaint, which will be sent to the email address you sent from.
  • If there is a deficiency in the goods and this is not due to you or conditions on your side, and you have complained within the specified deadlines, you can, in accordance with the rules of the Consumer Sales Act, chapter 6:
    1. Retain all or part of the purchase price (if it has not already been paid)
    2. Under certain conditions, choose between repair or replacement
    3. Under certain conditions, demand a price reduction
    4. Under certain conditions, demand compensation
    5. Demand termination if the deficiency is not insignificant (it is normally a condition for termination that the goods are returned in the same condition and quantity, cf. the Consumer Sales Act § 51)
  • If there is no deficiency, the seller can only demand payment for examinations that have been necessary to determine whether there is a deficiency, and payment for repair of the goods, if we have explicitly informed you that you must cover such costs, Consumer Sales Act § 30.
  • If you take initiatives on your own to remedy the deficiency beyond what might be agreed with the seller, the seller will not pay these expenses.
  • The seller reserves the right to reject a complaint if it turns out that the goods have no deficiency under applicable consumer legislation.
  • The seller can repair a product twice for the same error. For the same error 3 times, the buyer can request a refund. The amount will be refunded within 14 days.
  • The seller is responsible for return shipping for approved complaints.
  • If the seller's repair or replacement will result in you, with normal mailing/shipping time, being prevented from using the goods for more than ten days, you have, under certain conditions, the right to demand that a replacement item be made available to you at the seller's expense.
  • If you send your product to one of Furandfluff.no's service partners, or Furandfluff.no sends your product on to a service partner, the service partner may contact you directly as a customer.


  • If you ask us to delete your customer account, all purchase history will also be deleted.
    • It is important that you keep receipts for your purchases in case of any future complaints.
    • Without a receipt, warranty/complaints cannot be used.
    • If after deleting the customer account, there is a need for returning goods to us in connection with a complaint, a new customer account must be created for us to handle the complaint.
  • How do I contact you?
  • If I have to wait for a product, when does the warranty period start?
    • The date you receive the item always applies.
    • Your warranty or complaint rights are not affected by any delivery delays.
  • How accurate is the stock status displayed online?
    • The stock level is updated continuously and therefore accurate!
    • However, it may occasionally happen that many customers purchase the same product within a few minutes, so we reserve the right that it may be wrong.
  • When will I receive a receipt or invoice?
    • Immediately after you have completed the purchase online, you will receive a confirmation by email.
    • You will also receive an SMS with a link to the order status shortly after we have received your order.
    • The receipt or invoice is sent to you by email at the same time as the goods are sent from our warehouse.
    • If you have entered into a instalment plan via Santander, you will receive the first invoice according to the payment plan.
  • If I pay by card, is the card charged immediately?
    • If you use a credit card, PayPal or direct bank as a payment method, you will be charged when we confirm your order and the delivery is initiated with us.
    • This also applies to pre-orders of products that will be available in the future or have an unconfirmed delivery date.
  • How do I see what the shipping costs are for a specific product?
    • For orders that exceed NOK 1000 and are sent via postal package, the shipping will be free.
    • If you want faster delivery or additional services such as delivery inside, you will see the price when you have put the products in the shopping cart and go to the checkout.
  • Can I pick up the goods myself at your warehouse? -All online orders are shipped directly from our main warehouse in Jønkøping, so it will not be possible to pick up at our warehouse.

  • Will I get a new product if the one I received is damaged? -You can get a new product if you want, but it is also possible to get compensation while keeping the product. Since each case is unique, we ask you to take pictures of the damage, keep the packaging and contact us as soon as possible.

  • What do I do to cancel the entire delivery? -Contact us and we will help you! Remember that cancellations must be made at least two working days before delivery. For late cancellations, unfortunately, we will not be able to refund the shipping cost.

  • What do I do if something is missing from the package? -Contact us, we will investigate what has happened and make sure you get what is missing.

  • Can I return a product to a store instead of sending it? -Yes, all unopened products as well as products within the requirements for Open Purchase

  • Will I get money back for shipping if I return an item? -If the item has been delivered, you will not get money back for the delivery. Any cancellation/rescheduling must take place at least 2 working days before the delivery time. In case of delivery not being able to take place or being completed and the responsibility is the customer's, the cost of the delivery and the additional services ordered will not be refunded. This also applies if the cancellation/rescheduling has taken place too late. Any costs for returning the item to us will not be covered unfortunately.

  • Payment -The purchase amount can, according to your own choice at checkout, be paid by bank or credit card, or Vipps. -When using a card or Vipps, the purchase amount will be reserved on the card at the time of ordering (i.e. at the completion of checkout). The card will be charged the same day as the shipment is made. Uncollected and unpaid packages will be charged a fee of NOK 250 + shipping one way of the current order, to cover our expenses. -In case of non-payment, the claim, after prior warning, will be sent to debt collection.

  • Does the complaint period start after the warranty period has expired? -No, the warranty and complaint period always starts at the same time and it is the day you receive the products that applies.

How long does it take to repair a defective product?

  • Typically it takes 2-3 weeks, but usually it goes faster.

How many times can a product be sent for service?

  • You can request a new product or cancellation of the purchase if the same error is found three times, or if different errors have been found four times by an authorized workshop. The errors must be of a type that is covered by warranty or guarantee.

Do we always get a user manual in Norwegian?

  • Everything is becoming more digital, including user manuals. Usually, a manual comes with the product itself.

Conflict resolution

  • Disputes regarding the terms and related provisions, as well as disputes that otherwise concern trade on KattLove.no, shall be governed by Norwegian law and shall be subject to the ordinary dispute resolution bodies and courts, with the Oslo District Court as the competent court in the event of court proceedings.

If you wish to complain about a product or service purchased from us, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Council or through the EU's online dispute resolution platform (ODR-portal). The Consumer Council is a government agency that advises consumers and mediates disputes between consumers and businesses.

Consumer Council Fred Olsens gate 1 0152 Oslo