Plastic Feather Toy


  • "Introducing our interactive spiral cat toy - designed to keep your cat active and entertained. The toy disappears when the cat hits it with its paws, activating its hunting instincts and providing a fun playing experience. Made of durable and safe plastic material, it is suitable for cats of all ages.

    • Bright colors are more attractive to cats, and our feather toy comes in 4 bright colors: yellow, green, pink, and blue.
    • The feather's unpredictable movements will keep your cat interested for a long time, encouraging activity and exercise for better overall cat health.
    • Safe for your cat to chew on, and made without BPA and in compliance with safety standards.
    • The size of the toy is about 4.5 cm * 2.5 cm, which is suitable for cats of all sizes.
    • Let your cat have fun and improve its overall health with this interactive and fun spiral cat toy, Fjæren."