Luminous Pet Dog Ball Toys


Highly Elastic Flash Ball Toy: The pet sound ball is made of high-quality TPR, which inserts a flash and can bounce and flash the colorful lights. It can attract the attention of pets, so you can play with your pets.

High Elasticity: The high elasticity dog ball can keep the dog chasing, which not only can make the dog exercise happily, but also can train the dog's agility to help it stay healthy and strong.

Flash Ball: The colorful balls can better attract pets' attention. Your dog can happily play with flashing balls even in dark places.

Durable and Interesting Toys: Waterproof, tasteless, and not easy to be crushed or leave tooth marks, your dog can enjoy the fun of toy balls for a long time.

Healthy Materials: Non-toxic, waterproof, and bite-resistant materials, which can help dogs grind and clean their teeth and keep their teeth healthy. This is a beautiful gift for your cute pet.


  • Name: Luminous Three-color Ball
  • Style: thorn ball / smooth ball
  • Material: TPR+AG3 button battery
  • Size: about 5.5cm/2.17 inch, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs